Dane & Cas Coalition Forces

I had the pleasure yesterday 16 Jan 2016 to meet in a Iconic location for the first meeting of two independent agencies "In & Out Fitness" CEO Dane Christenson and myself carrying the flag for "In The Trenches With Cas".

A New Year and Birth of In The Trenches With Cas

Team, Here we are entering a brand new year wondering what lies ahead... Some are starting careers, Some are ending, All are descendants of Heroes who stood up to be counted and many did not return finding their new home resting eternally on foreign soil beside brothers, We must remember them or we risk continuing the process, Treasure your children teach them to be strong and not be offended by mere words and to stand beside their friends and family in this land where freedom is real.

Welcome to the launch of In The Trenches With Cas

Team, Not exactly sure what to call you as a whole Team, Tribe or People I am happy with whatever you decide. This Site has been designed as a project to keep me from slipping further down the tiles and off the edge of societies rooftop. I understand there are many people out there with their own demons and secrets or just unable to speak the language their pain communicates in, let me speak to you and for you if you would prefer. Well anyway this is my first official Blog post and I wish you and myself luck in the following hour, day year etc.. I am Cas...

Behind every success...

Behind every success is a winning team be it family, friends or colleagues and sometimes the team is made up of all three like in my case.

Interested in booking me?

Benefits of using my services are my multi syllable approach to conveying YOUR message through some of my writings and experience as a public speaker and orator honed over quarter of a century of projecting believe in my client.

About Me

Born on ANZAC DAY as the son of a soldier, my father’s my rock as my beloved daughter will grow to call me. My scars are well paid for but have also gifted me with the luxury of time, my wisdom is now my weapon and I enjoy a fight.