Welcome to In The Trenches With Cas web page, if you are wondering or curious as to the goal of this website be assured this is a re-establishment of identity project designed to give a life bearing now I have retired from military.

On The 27th May 2015 I retired from the Australian Army on medical grounds after a twenty four year career in The Royal Australian Regiment predominantly The Second Battalion (Light Infantry). My core duties centred on leadership, instructional roles, tactics (mission, capability and human analysis) and mentoring junior commanders and non-commissioned officers.

The highlight of this role was working with combat veterans, coalition forces and a highly professional well-oiled team of Australia’s finest calibrated to a single goal “To prepare war ready commanders and their support cadre’.

My career was punctuated with four operational tours of duty which saw service in Rwanda 1995 Central Africa with UNAMIR 2, INTERFET East Timor 1999 as the initial lodgement force, UNTAET East Timor 2002-2003 and a Multi Force Organisation MFO Operation MAZURKA to the Sinai Peninsula to monitor the peace agreement of the Camp David Accords that were put in place in 1978 BETWEEN Egypt and Israel. I have also completed multiple exchanges with New Zealand forces and the US which has rounded my holistic approach to defeat problems with a flexible outside the box approach.

I am currently forty four years old residing in Sydney concentrating on my home dad duties but have a flexible schedule with the ability to travel if need arises.

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Benefits of using my services are my multi syllable approach to conveying YOUR message through some of my writings and experience as a public speaker and orator honed over quarter of a century of projecting believe in my client.

About Me

Born on ANZAC DAY as the son of a soldier, my father’s my rock as my beloved daughter will grow to call me. My scars are well paid for but have also gifted me with the luxury of time, my wisdom is now my weapon and I enjoy a fight.