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Dean Caswell

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August 26 2019

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Benefits of using my services are my multi syllable approach to conveying YOUR message through some of my writings and experience as a public speaker and orator honed over quarter of a century of projecting believe in my client.

Welcome to In Trenches With Cas, a Website/ Blog designed to act as media platform with the aim of addressing current issues, inspiring those with limited tools to push forward with a key to open doors and dialogue to an otherwise cynical world.

Let my life experience, challenges and struggles guide your team to a harmonious network of mission orientated warriors working toward the same outcomes while valuing individual input and strengths.

About Me

Born on ANZAC DAY as the son of a soldier, my father’s my rock as my beloved daughter will grow to call me. My scars are well paid for but have also gifted me with the luxury of time, my wisdom is now my weapon and I enjoy a fight.